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    Used BDM device switch wizrd to move from torch to new bold 9900. Everything seems correct however not getting anyones bbm's and when I try to message a contact...I am asked to re-invite them. How do I get bbm back without having to reinvite every user? I have not wiped old device yet.

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    08-12-11 03:26 PM
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    The best way to backup everyone in bbm is to turn of all connections on both phones (ur old one and new one) backup all data on old one, plug in new one and restore and before turning on network, click on bbm and scroll down to see all ur contacts. then turn on signal, leave on for about an hour as the phone itself will automatically try to load ur bbm contacts and then battery pull. this has always worked for me and ive switched about 4 times in the last year and have loaded pleanty of hybrids, id say about 50-60 os's loaded.
    08-12-11 03:31 PM
  3. ilyo's Avatar
    Guess I didn't wait long enough (only had the rockin new 9900 for 20 mins)...did one more battery pull and after about another 20 mins all of a sudden everyone's profile pictures started downloading and no longer got the re-invite message.


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    08-12-11 04:19 PM
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    Kind of related question: I just switched from the 9700 OS5 to the 9900 OS7, with T-Mobile. When I try to restore a backup of my bbm contact list (from email), I get a message that says "(email address) is not linked to any BlackBerry Messenger account". I have tried all of my email addresses and nothing works.
    How do I get my bbm contacts back?
    09-01-11 01:56 PM