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    I have an 8100, and installed bbm 5.0 on my phone. It works perfectly, no problems. My gf wanted me to install it on her 8130 too, i tried, and it didnt work. That was about a week ago. Last night, she took the battery out of her phone, and when she put it back in, the bbm icon was gone. In the application list, it says Blackberry Messenger, so i know it wasnt deleted. I plugged it into DM and readded BBM 4.5, but now all her contacts are gone, and BBM has basically reset, asking for a display name. On my phone, I can still pin her and send her messages, and they show up on my phone as the check with the D, saying she received them but hasnt read them, but on her phone she gets nothing. She had no backups or anything. Is there any way to add all her contacts back, without having to go 1 by 1, since she doesnt remember exactly who was on it, and has no pins linked to her address book... Sorry if this is in the wrong area as well, I'm new to the forums here.
    10-26-09 04:22 PM