1. pinkyarthur's Avatar
    I accidently blocked a BBM that I was trying to add, and now I can't add her again. Is there any way I can add her again, or is she blocked for ever? And also, my BBM just says 'Pending (Waiting for Authorization)' when I add someone, and it doesn't change. The PIN is correct and I've added the pins to my contacts is there any way to halp this or not??
    10-17-11 02:53 PM
  2. adjdudley21's Avatar
    i think maybe it would be better for you to add them with the barcode.. its much quicker and easier.. or.. have them send you the invitation.. unfortunately i forgot how to unblock a contact..
    10-17-11 03:36 PM
  3. chatoerpuccinno's Avatar
    21658932 my pin add me please
    10-29-11 05:44 PM
  4. leelynsmom's Avatar
    hit me up new to the black berry world lol 32331d70
    11-25-11 08:43 PM