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    are they stored in the SIM card? how to transfer all the pins to another blackberry phone assuming there is no backup of the existing one?
    01-13-11 02:33 AM
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    They are not stored on the SIM. You can back up your BBM contacts from within the BlackBerry Messenger app. Options-Backup Management. Choose to save the backup remotely or locally.

    You can also transfer your BBM contacts to another BlackBerry using Desktop Manager and Device Switch Wizard.

    If you don't have the BlackBerry with the BBM contacts on it to transfer, then you'll have to re-invite your BBM contacts using your new BlackBerry PIN, one by one, manually.

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    01-13-11 02:37 AM
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    thanks for the info , off topic a lil, my phone is dead. i can only follow the 101 tips to reinstall the OS , i have information stored in the phone's memory. is there a way for me to extract it out before reinstalling the OS?
    01-14-11 03:03 AM
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    By dead, do you mean that the device is bricked?

    To my knowlege there is no way to extract the device data unless you are able to power on the device. Desktop Manager needs to connect to the device itself in order to back up your device data. I'm also going to take a shot in the dark and say that if your device is infact bricked, you're probably not going to get your information anyways, because you're going to have to install a fresh OS on the device, and since it won't power up to the main home screen there is no way to access the data.
    01-14-11 07:42 AM
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    ahhh sh*t.
    01-15-11 12:36 AM
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    When my bb 8520 running os 4.6 (at&t) got bricked this past christmas here is what I did: go online to see if there is an update to your os (operating system) In my case there was, 5.0 was available and I had been running 4.6-which is not as stable. So you would download the new os to your desktop on puter. If not it is even simpler. Plug phone into usb leaving the battery IN & click on desktop icon for new os and follow on screen directions>if you don't need or want to update os go to Application Loader>click start>click options (important! This is where you will find all your 3rd party apps (1st you will see core apps-don't uncheck these. When you get to 3rd party apps you will have the option to uncheck any app you don't want-like maybe that theme you downloaded that bricked your phone?>When done click next>click finish. This will take awhile depending on how many third party apps you have. Ummm, forgot to say you have to open Desktop Manager to get to the Application Loader! I found this proccess actually fun & if you don't get all your 3rd party apps back then just go to My Account in both Crackberry (at bottom of page where apps are & at the BB App World after signing in to the far right--t will pull up a page showing everything you previously downloaded & the option to reinstall!

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    01-17-11 09:50 AM