1. Mandz3443's Avatar
    Hi Friends,

    My tour crapped on me yesterday, so I upgraded and got the bold. The last time I did a system backup on my computer was Feb 2011. I had tour issues then. (lesson learned) However, around the same time I was able to restore my contact list via e-mail server and never had to touch the desktop.

    My most recent ph book contact lists updated via e-mail (even ones from last week were still there), but to my surprise...the bbm contacts were updated from 2010!

    Sprint has no idea how/why this is the way it is they said something could be "broken" with the bbm files but not the phone book?

    If anyone has any insight to this, please let me know! For now I will use 2/2011 file, but would love to update via recent e-mail server!

    06-30-11 03:41 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    So in Feb you did a restore of your device data with DM?
    Do a selective restore and choose just to restore your bbm contacts. They should be there from Feb at least.
    06-30-11 08:58 PM