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    Something rather odd happened last night....I know I had sent a couple of BBM's around 7.30pm, then I noticed an update for Bouncity was available, I downloaded it and installed (including a phone restart) on my way down to the restaurant for dinner. I didn't touch my phone again until after dinner, around 10pm ish.

    I went to send another BBM, but rather bizarrely my contact list and all conversation lists had vanished. BBM was completely empty! I did a battery pull...twice...to no avail. I sent an SMS to a friend asking him to send me a BBM, hoping that I hadn't disappeared off the contact lists of everyone who was on mine. His BBM came through, and mysteriously all my other conversations and contacts re-materialised.

    Anybody else had an issue like this? Any ideas?
    10-07-11 03:22 PM