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    Alright, so before I get into the problem, here's some background information:

    I woke up this morning, shut my alarm off, went back to sleep (typical). When I woke up, I noticed my phone was white-screened and showed an error message. Half in a daze, I didn't check the error message, clicked my trackpad, waited for a minute, and ended up pulling my battery. Long story short: my phone reset. I lost all of my contacts and apps, etc; nothing a quick restore from BlackBerry Protect couldn't fix. I then went to restore my BBM contacts. My email was still registered to the phone (I know this because when I went to go re-register it after the phone told me I had no emails registered, it was still there), so what I did was remove the email, then re-add it to my phone. When I went to restore my messenger contacts remotely, it said no BBM contact list was associated with my email. I know this isn't true because I've restored my contact list remotely in the past using the same email.

    I'm wondering if this error could have anything to do with me removing and re-adding my email to the phone, or something similar to that. Regardless, I couldn't restore remotely before I removed the email and re-added it, because it told me I needed to set it up again. Any help would be appreciated.

    Note: When trying to setup my email again, I got that .55 setup update prompt. Could this be the problem?


    06-10-11 12:54 AM