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    Hello guys and girls, so I'm rocking the new Bold 9900, but ran into a problem.
    Well ok first I got a 9900 and 'restored' all my info from my Tour, and all was well on BBM.
    Then I found a couple of dead pixels so I exchanged it for another one. This time, however, the BBM contacts didn't automatically update and I have to re-invite everyone! (the first message I send says: XYZ does not have you as a contact. Do you want to re-invite XYZ?")
    Oh, by the way, my contacts can't bbm me until I re-invite them! That's what sucks the most. I dunno if they're trying to contact me or not.

    I tried to re-install the contact list from the Tour, but it didn't help.

    Also, I can't seem to delete BBM. DM doesn't let me, and I don't have a "delete" option for BBM on the phone. I would've tried that option next...

    Thx for any help!

    EDIT. My friends seem to have me stuck on "Pending" as well. I sent the re-invite, and they accepted, but now THEY have the pending from me, but I have nothing to accept. We talk fine on bbm, so it isn't blocking the actual messages.
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