1. moekamran's Avatar
    Hey guys, so im having major issues with 1 contact on my bbm list.
    Everything was fine, and one fine day, my messages wouldnt go through (no D or R) followed by PIN msgs not going through either.
    I deleted her and tried to re-add her, but she wont receive any of the requests or pins. however when she sends me a request, or a pin, i do get them.

    I went ahead and uninstalled then Reinstalled my BBM and shes doing the same thing as well. I would highly appreciate any help possible.

    i have also tried the whole adding via contact list, and adding via PIN as well. so yeah, im pretty confused as to what to do, as i can contact anyone else without issues, around the world, but just this one contact, i cant bbm or PIN.

    Thanks alot for any help you guys can pass on.
    09-18-11 08:04 PM