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    Hi, I had an issue with my old torch and got it replaced this morning. Before handing the handset back, I had backed up using DM. I have now restored it onto the new handset and everything is ok apart from the bbm contacts. They are all they but it is asking me to re-invite them. Is there any way to avoid having to do this as this has never happened before during a backup and restore. I have already requested the service books to be sent to the new handset which did not help the contact issue.
    01-20-11 09:35 AM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    It isn't the backup/restore that is causing the requirement to re-invite. BBM is based on PINs. You have a new Torch, so you have a new PIN. Your BBM contacts have to accept you at this new PIN. (The flip side is that it will also "de-accept" your old PIN.)

    Hope this helps.

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    01-20-11 01:30 PM