1. jordanmah's Avatar
    I am having problems with my BBM contact list. I will describe the issue and
    also let you know what Rogers (carrier) has advised. Rogers has told me that
    I must contact RIM because it must be a server issue. All apps and emails
    are working properly, only this one BBM contact list issue.

    Issue: I received a refurb warranty replacement device from Rogers about one
    week ago. I used BB Desktop Manager to switch devices and transfer my info.
    Inititally I was unable to register my emails properly, but Rogers was able
    to reset that through BIS. The issue with BBM is that at least two contacts
    are being automatically deleted from my contact list every night around
    midnight PST. These contacts are close friends of mine so I know they are
    not deleting me off of their list, I have to re-add them each morning when I
    wake up and see that they are missing again.

    Actions taken so far (at the advice of Rogers):
    1) upgrade BBM to latest version (
    2) upgrade OS to latest Rogers version (
    3) delete contact X from address book and also bbm list (in case they were
    linked) and re-add manually, same thing tried on contact X's phone (delete
    my contact from address book and bbm list and manually re-add)
    4) de-register all emails and local backups from within BBM options
    5) wipe device data completely, add bbm contacts manually and restore all
    other data (except bbm contact list)

    So far, none of these has worked and the issue still persists each night.
    I'm not sure what to do, but I have spent many hours trying to figure out a
    solution. Please help!
    08-18-11 12:22 PM
  2. csals17's Avatar
    did you fix this issue i am having the same one
    12-03-11 10:10 PM
  3. jordanmah's Avatar
    Didn't end up fixing it, because I didn't want to re-add all my contacts/bbm list. After a couple of weeks the issue kind of fixed itself and I forgot about it, that was weird.
    12-04-11 02:29 AM