1. bag7487's Avatar
    I have a contact on my BBM that is being deleted everyday without me or the other person deleting them! Everyday the contact just disappears. How do I fix this?
    07-14-10 10:10 AM
  2. dasDestruktion's Avatar
    Hmm. Strange. Maybe do a backup of your contacts onto your SD card and register your emails with BBM. That way, your contacts should be all saved appropriately and stop disappearing on you. That being said, BBM has been on the fritz for the last three or four days and many users are having issues with it. Mostly messages not being delivered or being long delayed and out of order though.
    07-14-10 11:26 AM
  3. MrWireless31's Avatar
    im having the same issue...no idea how to fix it and its driving me nuts
    07-15-10 08:55 AM
  4. chamberc's Avatar
    This has just started to happen to me as well...
    07-15-10 01:51 PM
  5. MrWireless31's Avatar
    Nobody knows the cause of this?!

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    07-15-10 02:51 PM
  6. dasDestruktion's Avatar
    You lot have registered your contacts with your emails?
    07-15-10 04:31 PM
  7. MrWireless31's Avatar
    You lot have registered your contacts with your emails?
    I back up my list locally.

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    07-15-10 06:28 PM
  8. 2wice's Avatar
    i had this problem too, about 6 months ago with one of my contacts, i tried everything, device wipes and app reinstalls on both my phone and hers, backup/restore both locally and remotely, deleting previous backups, to no avail, every day she would disappear, and then out of nowhere, one day it just fixed out of no where
    07-16-10 02:15 PM
  9. MrWireless31's Avatar
    Any update on this?

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    07-19-10 09:32 AM
  10. red33's Avatar
    This happened to me over the weekend. I lost a contact that was important to me. I have my email addy registered through bbm. How do I get to my backed up contacts? Please help. Really want that contact back. Thanks for any help I get
    07-26-10 04:16 PM
  11. boman06210's Avatar
    I'm having the same issue. I have my list backed up on my media card, and I would restart my bb and get an error message about my media card, then I would have it fix it self. Then I would find out that my friend was removed. Would these two things maybe have something to do with it?

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    07-26-10 05:49 PM
  12. mIQ Live's Avatar
    Look into backup applications...

    There are a lot of free apps out there that sync automatically so not only should it backup, but should keep it on the phone.

    Weird issue, after you backup your phone try restoring.

    Good luck!
    07-26-10 07:17 PM