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    I wiped it and was reinstalling .713 using BMCP. Idk what happened, but BBM is not only gone, but I can't install it no matter what I do. I didn't know what thread to put this in, so I put it here unfortunately. I've tried loading a .jad, I've tried downloading from App World, I've tried going to BlackBerry Messenger. Nothing works. There's no icon and it doesn't say it's installed anywhere, even after App World says it's installed. I understand this is my fault for messing around, but how is it nothing works to restore it? Need serious help please.

    *Nevermind. I just uninstalled .713 from my computer, reinstalled it, then wiped my BB and reinstalled .713.*
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    Have you opened up desktop manager and removing it from the app list, then re installing it?

    I've had to do that before.

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