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    Been long checking the crackberry but now had to sign up. I really might have found the solution for the BBM/messenger (that is 5.0.3, 5.0.2 AND not sending pictures and/or not shrinking them.

    I think it comes from the new version of App world 3, seriously! I deleted the folders under appworld and since then it works again! Ok, how I found it:

    I wiped my 9700 completely the other day to get on it, and still the problem persisted with BBM 5.0.2. I upgraded to 5.0.3something and still it would either not send pictures at all, or at least not shrink them.

    Using Media and Memory Use check out the device memory usage, which shows 12MB available...I had only 6kB (!) free on the device!? And I even use the card to store pictures, how can that be??? 6 kilobyte!? It seems to be from AppWorld as it showed 3 MB used for pictures that I did not take or download from anywhere.

    So, back to Media and Explore to device\home\user\appworld and I deleted both folders that were under this one. It all worked quite slowly for some reason but in the end they were deleted and BBM 5.0.3 worked again, AND ALSO!!

    Again, the problem was on the device memory (12MB available) getting too small.
    I only have Appworld running at the moment.

    I hope you can follow up my layman's terms. Maybe there is a more elegant way to delete/clear this folder?
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    10-18-11 08:25 AM
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    Your solution worked as a charm! Thank you SO much! I had previously wiped out everything twice because of this problem - was dreading having to do it once again. Genius work
    10-24-11 12:54 AM