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    So myself and my fiance have had blackberries for years and never had an issue with BBM. The middle of the day Tuesday something very odd started happening. We were BBMing just fine, did not make any changes to either blackberry then suddenly I stopped getting BBMs from her. I can BBM her just fine and the messages get delivered, but when she BBMs me I never get it and she does not get a D or R just the check mark that the message was sent.

    She can BBM every other contact just fine and so can I.

    We tried deleting each other and re-adding. I get added to her contact list just fine and my display name, picture, and status update however for me it just says "Pending (Waiting for Authorization)" forever. I can delete and add other contacts just fine. I can get her added to my list if I scan her barcode (as opposed as adding her specific PIN) but ger display picture remains greyed out and although messages I send her from my phone work fine I can never see the "R" that she read my message and when she sends me a message I never get it and she only sees a CHECK mark that the message went through.

    I have tried all of the following:

    - Deleting each other on each blackberry and re-adding through scanning bar code, typing in PIN, typing in e-mail address.
    - Deleting and re-installing BBM on both Blackberries
    - Battery Pulls on both Blackberries
    - Re-sent service books on both blackberries
    - Updated host routing table on both

    Data works fine on both, we can both BBM and add other contacts just fine. It is just her sending messages to my phone that don't go through.

    PIN messages both ways work fine

    My BBM ignore list is empty

    Both worked 100% fine up until Tuesday afternoon. Absolutely nothing changed on either blackberry. Both are on BIS through Verizon Wireless.

    Any suggestions??
    05-12-11 07:12 AM
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    Sorry I don't have a suggestion for you as you seemed to have tried everything I did. I had the same problem on Tuesday with an AT&T customer (I'm on Verizon). The problem eventually cleared up after a day.

    Sorry it doesn't help you but I agree there is no earthly reason why ONE contact can't communicate with you and the rest can be added and deleted etc. It is the same exact problem I had. By pulling my battery I eventually got all those responses he sent that were backing up on my phone.

    It's not an answer you were looking for but I assumed it was the network and it was.
    05-12-11 10:27 AM