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    Basically, my friend told me today that they didn't get my BBM messages I sent yesterday because they had no data connection, but the "R" came up a few minutes after the messages were sent (apart from the last message, which still showed the "D"). Is that possible when the messages never came through or is my friend lying to me?

    EDIT: Just a note, my friend said they didn't have a data connection because the phone roamed from Orange to T-Mobile due to low signal, not because there was no signal at all.
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    11-30-10 05:18 AM
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    My understanding is that R signifies they looked at the message. Otherwise it would still display D.
    11-30-10 06:16 AM
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    Yeah I know, I was just wondering if there was a reason the server would send me the "R" in that situation.
    11-30-10 07:41 AM
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    If you receive a message or it gets lost but a newer one is actually read it will automatically get an R.

    I mean that if I sent you a message, you deleted it without reading it, and then I sent another and you read the new one.

    The deleted one on my side would get a R.

    Its a weird system.

    Yesterday evening I bbm'd someone a message at 9:30, we kept the conversation going. He got a line out of the conversation randomly at 1:30am (conversation ended around 10pm). But the message he got at 1:30 showed a R to me at like 9:35 right after it was sent.

    Don't go by the d or r, its just a helper. You need to go by confirming the recipient has gotten your message by asking them.

    I know way too many people that are ocd neurotic about the d and the r. Its just a helper.

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    11-30-10 07:42 AM
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    From what I've always noticed with mine, is that if I send multiple messages (seperate) and they open the messaging program, it will check every message as "R" (read). So they may not have read a specific message that would have required them to scroll up, but it checks all messages as "R".
    11-30-10 09:30 AM
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    Alright, thanks
    11-30-10 11:13 AM