1. mr_silva's Avatar
    i have a very annoying bbm bug about once a week i will keep getting bbm notifications saying i got a new message but i dont have a message anywhere in bbm not even in the groups. i did battery pulls like crazy and it wouldnt get rid of it. is there any fix for this? ive just been deleting bbm and restoring my contact list but thats a pain.
    01-10-10 06:57 PM
  2. coldfeet06's Avatar
    oHhh my!! that's exactly the same reason i just went to the CB forums right now. i've been having the same exact issue and some!

    ever since i installed the latest BBM (right after the RIM outage) i've been getting all the bugs. First installation the bbm notifications will not clear. I would get a new msg and read it and reply but the notification on the top of my home screen will not clear. At one point i supposedly had 5 new chats but in reality i had none. then i deleted and reintalled BBM and now i get random notifications alerts saying i have a new bbm but i dont. the LED wont stop flashing so i have to BBM myself to actually get a new msg and to stop the LED flashing. BUT THEN NOTIFICATIONS WONT CLEAR AS WELL. WTF!!!


    so please.. someone tell me something other than battery pulls and deleting and reinstalling. or give me a link to download the old bbm
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    01-10-10 08:09 PM
  3. mr_silva's Avatar
    lol wow i kno it sucks
    01-10-10 09:23 PM
  4. Piesang's Avatar
    I also have a problem with BBM. People e-mail me telling me that they send me a message on BBM but I dont receive it. Then I sent them a BBM message and they reply then it works again. Any ideas?
    01-11-10 04:06 AM
  5. garifer's Avatar
    For those with BBM indicators that won't go away, check for Status updates in the BBM and Groups. I've noticed that it isn't very obvious when you have a new contact request, or group calendar item.
    01-11-10 06:31 PM
  6. mr_silva's Avatar
    i checked everywhere trust me
    01-11-10 08:59 PM
  7. MindTracker's Avatar
    You may also want to check you "main message folder" I have this one hidden and sometimes when a registration message etc comes in it gets placed there. Good luck... Just a thought
    01-11-10 09:03 PM
  8. mr_silva's Avatar
    ive tried that to still no messages in there but thanks. maybe that could be other ppls problem.
    01-12-10 04:34 AM
  9. coldfeet06's Avatar
    i disabled my updates so it cant be bc of that for me
    01-13-10 06:55 PM
  10. scoobie69d's Avatar
    i disabled my updates so it cant be bc of that for me
    how do you disable BBM Notifactions?
    01-25-10 01:07 AM
  11. plg.Boo's Avatar
    ahh I am not alone!! Bless you for this thread!!
    01-25-10 04:08 PM