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  1. JasunX's Avatar
    Hi all - I was wondering about a sort of BBM Bridge application.

    If you look at the millions of impossible requests of how people wants BBM on the iPhone and Nokia etc etc - we all know it is impossible to run BBM on non-blackberry devices natively.

    I used Fixmo Web Messenger - pretty disappointing because well - it doesn't transfer actually BBM data to the web feed - it transfers a complete video footage of what's going on in your bbm - this is majorly slow and problematic. This is exactly like the applications that allow you to use BBM on your PC - all it does is send a video feed - and allows you certain gestures to actually control the bbm.

    I was thinking, the Playbook however, does not use a video-feed type of protocol - it actually transfers BBM data and reorganizes this data into its own BBM interface.

    Now my question is, would it be possible to Bridge BBM this way to a device other than a Playbook? And if so - would it be possible to let this application bridge via TCP/IP instead of just Bluetooth? Simply put, allows your Nokia or iPhone to receive and have the ability to respond to BBM messages - all while you are out and about, and your Blackberry is sitting at home on your bedside. Looking at how the Playbook handles BBM - I'm sure this highly possible! I would pay for an application (or applications) to do this! Please provide opinion, and don't gun me down :P
    08-11-11 01:29 PM
  2. 01itr's Avatar
    Now my question is, would it be possible to Bridge BBM this way to a device other than a Playbook?
    I don't think this is possible. I'm pretty sure that the data exported from BBM over the bridge is encrypted. I think it is transferred as encrypted data and then decrypted on the device which reads it (Playbook, other person's BB). Therefore, you would need to decrypt the data on the receiving phone, and unless it is a Blackberry I don't see how you will be able to do this.
    08-11-11 02:41 PM