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    Whenever I leave my house and go out of WIFI range, I lose BIS connection (But still have 5 bars 3G). I can't get internet or send BBM's until I turn off and on the Mobile Network in Manage Connections. This happened in .666 and now in .706, and it happens every single time with that WIFI network. Any other WIFI network (Like in my school buildings) works fine when the WIFI drops.

    another issue: Lately I've been having a problem where some BBM messages will get stuck sending (With the little wavy lines, before a checkmark for sent - see picture). It happens even with 5 bars 3G and WIFI connections, and connected to BIS. The weirdest part is I can send another message right after, and it will go through fine. It seems like 1 in 10 BBMS get stuck sending.

    Any help greatly appreciated! This is bugging the crap out of me. Thanks
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    11-30-11 07:03 PM
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    I am having the same exact issue.
    Battery pull fixes it - but i end up doing a battery pull a few times a day.
    Please tell me someone has a more permanent solution?
    I really love my 9900 but its networking reliability is very problematic.
    12-27-11 01:56 AM
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    Call your carrier and make sure they have your current BB's IMEI number listed properly on their BIS servers.
    12-27-11 12:23 PM