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    I'm having a weird issue regarding App World and BBM. I tried to add someone and on their end, they accepted and have me on their list and yet on my list, it's pending. When they try to invite me, I get the email notice saying that I do not have BBM and it brings me to the download page. When I download and install, the problem persists.

    When I checked App World, it says that BBM is uninstalled but there is no button/menu list to reinstall. And when I check installed apps, BBM is nowhere to be found. I already attempted uninstalling BBM through the Application list, but again, when I search App World, it says it's uninstalled and there is no option to reinstall.

    I originally installed BBM on my Storm 2 and recently transfered my data to my new Torch 9860 which already had BBM installed. Could that be the source of the problem? Any help would be great.
    01-03-12 03:31 PM
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    here's an update, I cleared my App world cache so now BBM shows up in my App World as installed however it gives me no button/menu list to delete. If I delete BBM using the Application list, it once again becomes uninstalled and then becomes impossible to download/install from App World. I can only grab it though the web listing.

    This is getting frustrating because I can't add anyone to BBM anymore. If i send an invite, they accept but on my side, I'll only get pending. If they send an invite, I get an email full of jumble text.
    01-04-12 07:55 AM