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    ** Update ** it seems like BBM is still installed but I cannot find its icon. When I went to download it via BB App World, I was informed it was already installed. When I select it from QuickLaunch, a message pops up says BlackBerry Messenger must be currently running for this feature. How do I start BBM? I looked in Options menu of course...

    I went to install a theme today using App loader and for some resason, DM informed me that BBM was about to be removed so I went back and unchecked it. I loaded the theme but my BBM also got removed as I cannot locate it on my 9700. I did a Restore and I stil don't see BBM.

    I know I can reinstalled it using App World but my BBM contacts won't be there, right?

    Thanks for any info.

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    03-01-10 09:44 AM
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    If you are using the new bbm and you backed up your contacts via your email, then they will be recovered when you re-dl bbm. I swapped devices twice the last few days and each time I entered my email and the contacts and groups were recovered.
    03-01-10 09:59 AM