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    I think that bbm (blackberry messenger) is hugely anticompetitive. I would even go so far as to question the legality and ethical circumstances surrounding its current structuring. I say this becuase no other communications company in the world restricts people to a specific type of device. Facebook, yahoo, sms's, calls, skype, mxit - they are all open and in some cases run on a profit making basis as well. It is completly anticompetitive of RIM to create a closed system of communication that goes totally against the ideals of modern communications by restricting users to a certain platform and preventing people on other platforms from accessing the service (bbm). Correct me if im wrong but wasnt microsoft found to be in breach of anti-competitive regulations a few years back due to its restriction of formats to only windows and the 'closed' nature of operations of its business? I seriously think that RIM should be hauled before an anticompetitive hearing and be forced to open up its system. It is completly unfair for users of other phones to be forced to cut off communication with other people to an extent, due to other people getting blackberries - this is a step backwards for the majority of people in terms of communication! If you have just spend 500 dollars on a new phone and all of your friends get blackberrys its not like u can just go and buy a blackberry and it is for this reason i think that RIM is behaving in a totally anticompetitive manner... I think a perfect compramise would be for them to release bbm for other phones e.g. Nokia, where those users still pay the monthly fee to access BIS but not off of a blackberry. They are still making money just not off phones. And they mustnt make the bbm service for other phones be 10 times the price of normal bbm cause that would just be lame of them... Anyone with me on this?

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    Its a good thing I can run Apple's OS on non Apple hardware. Otherwise they might be in trouble over that.

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    wow... really?? i wonder what got you all angered up to write this....
    08-01-10 01:24 PM
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    That would just be gay of them?
    Nice choice of words - hope you don't offend anyone with that one.

    If you're all upset because you can't talk to your friends on bbm, you should look at yourself. There are plenty of other instant messaging applications available for download on the blackberry device as well as others for you to keep in touch with your friends, because of course texting/calling them is completely out of the question.

    It's called BLACKBERRY Messenger, not cross-platform-make-everybody-happy messenger.

    Nice job at pointless ranting though.
    08-01-10 01:25 PM
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    Haha well if someone has an apple computer and you dont it doesnt really affect your life does it? Maybe u wud be a bit jealous i know i wud but if lots of people have bbm it does affect your life cause its communications... Plus im not at all jealous about blackberry phones just the messenger

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    I believe this person is launching personal attacks against "closed minded" forum posters/subscribers as well as an inappropriate comment referring to homosexuality.

    I find all of this offensive and request appropriate action be taken.

    08-01-10 01:33 PM
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    I'm not launching personal attacks on people stop digressing from the issue! Haha i only put it up as a discussion point if u disagree with me fair enough. I didnt mean gay in the literal sense but if it makes u sleep tonight i will remove that reference now back to debating!

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