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    so after looking at other similar threads, i had trouble figuring out the answer to my question so i decided to post again. apologies for the overlap.

    I'm using a Verizon 9630 (tour) and will be traveling abroad (to China) shortly, and want to be able to continue bbm'ing. Since verizon in the US is CDMA as opposed to GSM, will BBM abroad work if I'm using a local sim? I plan on having the international data plan, but want to use a local sim for calls. Will I still be able to BBM, or will a foreign SIM not support this?

    05-11-10 01:22 PM
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    I would imagine that it would as long as you have a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) plan. You'll need to get the phone unlocked prior to leaving the country, and once you do you'll have to make sure whatever carrier you go thru in China that you add the BIS plan, and you shouldn't have any problem.
    05-11-10 01:31 PM
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    great thanks, already unlocked the phone. is there anywhere I might be able to find a list of carriers that offer BIS plans?

    Thanks so much!
    05-11-10 01:48 PM
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    I did a quick search, and it looks like China Mobile is offering BlackBerry plans to consumers, and it looks lik China Telecom is in talks with RIM, so by this time they may be offering BlackBerry plans as well.
    It also looks like Digital China may be a route you can look into as well.
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    05-11-10 01:52 PM
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    If you are traveling to China you should be able to use the Tour (with VZW service) and roam on a partner network. Being that you won't be using GSM in China there won't be a need to activate the SIM but you will need to upgrade your BB data plan to support global data on a CDMA network while roaming. The global BB plan is $64.99/month and offers unlimited data usage. The feature gets pro-rated so you can put it on for a week and take it off when you get home and only pay for the week's worth of usage. I suggest calling VZW global support at 800-711-8300 for additional info. They were most helpful when I had to activate global services on my Tour.
    05-11-10 04:00 PM
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    great, thank you all so much for the help!
    05-12-10 07:15 AM