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    Hi, I don't know if this issue is just happening to me and some people I know, but it is so frustrating now.

    I have a Torch 9850 and using BBM 6. My family and I live in different countries and we would usually send our location via BBM. We all have the same version of BBM, and they are running OS6. Whenever we send our location, a small screenshot of a map would appear in our BBM screen and we would all see it that tiny map from BBM without going to BB Maps. Lately, when we send our location, we would see the map on our phones (Delivered and Read) according to our BBMs but not one of us received a map, we wouldn't even know that they sent a map unless they told us, but sad part is we haven't seen it.

    Why is it saying Read when no one received it and has anyone experienced having issues sending location via BBM? GPS and maps are working fine because it would search our location for just a few seconds.

    What could have caused this problem? Can anyone help us please? BB techs said that we should upgrade to the latest version of BBM and we have the latest version but nothing worked really.

    11-20-11 06:59 PM
  2. rkopsie's Avatar
    Yep, I had the beta 6.1 bbm it didn't do the location .. I downgraded to the official bbm and it fixed that

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    11-20-11 08:20 PM