02-22-11 09:39 PM
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  1. boggsterman's Avatar
    Can someone check whether their 'sequential messages' option works. Checking and unchecking seems to do nothing on mine.
    Same problem here. but having the cursor back it's worth it for me.
    02-22-11 07:36 AM
  2. craig_za's Avatar
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    Hi all,

    Finally got this blasted thing to work.

    You must use the app loader to do this. I could not do it with BBSAK.

    You should begin with BBM v

    Download BBM and extract the cod files to the directory where your OS and java folders are. Overwrite the existing files.

    Use app loader to load BBM to your BB.

    Download and extract the BBM v6.0.0.31 and again extract the cods to your java folder and the alx file to your OS folder choosing to overwrite.

    Use app loader to load the new BBM to your BB.

    In application management, the version will say, but the module properties will say

    Many thanks to lucky45 for his posting on this.

    After following these steps, no key code and the cursor is back.



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    I've tried everything to get either of these to work, but neither of them will show up in the AppLoader. I'm going to go try this way, really hoping it works. I hate the cursor bug.
    Has anyone had it not even show up in the AppLoader like me? If yes, and you fixed it, how did you fix it?

    Completely off-topic but whats BerryBlab?

    Edit: Didn't get BBM6 but I did get the cursor fix (Woot Rhyme Time :P). Thank you!
    Hi there,

    Just search the forum for BBM You will find the step by step install guide there.

    BerryBlab is a forum reader type app that works with crackberry. Makes the forum look much better than with mobile browsing. It is not free though, and is a bit difficult to get up and running. But it is worth the money. It does not work with all forums, as there is something that has to be installed on the forum side.

    Glad you got the cursor fixed. It really peaves me off that they stuffed such a simple thing up.



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    02-22-11 11:14 AM
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    i have it running on my torch. you can send your location via bbm, one thing i noticed... i think the other person needs to have version 6 as well
    You could always send location via bbm
    He's commenting on an issue with sending location via BBM, and your solution is to send the location via BBM? Huh, what?!?

    I grant you an honorary PhD in BBM from the University of Dumas.
    02-22-11 09:39 PM
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