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    I've done a search for this problem but all the other threads appear to relate to BBM 5...

    When I try and send a picture to one of my contacts, I recieve a message stating "{name} was unable to save the file." but my contact doesn't recieve any notification that I tried to send the file. However they can send me a picture back.

    I realise this is a problem at their end, and the only issue I know of is that their memory card is full. However they have since set pictures to be saved to the phone rather than the memory card.

    I am running version of BBM and I would assume that they are also running a version of BBM 6 as they have a 9900 as well.

    Anyone any ideas? I dont want to have to tell them to downgrade to version 5!
    10-21-11 05:25 AM
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    I have just purchased a 9900 on Saturday and I noticed this problem right away. I phoned my carrier (Optus in Australia) and they tried to go through a bunch of things that might fix the problem, however none of them worked. The technician then suggested that I uninstall BBM and then reinstall it. For this to happen, I had to end my conversation with him and he said he would phone me back in 1 hour. I had a feeling that it wasn't a problem with the installation and having been a blackberry user since 2005, I know that sometimes it can be some random thing that has been selected that will disable certain things on the handset.

    I played around with a few things, however, this should be able to fix the problem. Of course my directions below will be different depending on the model you have.

    Select and go to:






    under this you will see an area for "device memory" and "media card", make sure you UNCHECK both of these boxes (if you encrypt your device memory and have a password set on your phone, when your device is locked, it will not display the name of friends calling you...).

    By doing this, I assume this then allows the handset to save the incoming photo in some temporary file on the media card.

    Hope this helps!


    10-30-11 11:03 PM