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    Today while I was looking for device simulators I found something (For the BBM Beta) and the funny side is this one released a month ago ((= Any way while I was looking codes I saw BlackBerry Messenger is there.

    I tried installing over the cor BBM in OS but it gave error. Then I shrunk BBM from OS after it I can install it but there is no BBM in my home screen. Then I checked codes again and found a code named "net_rim_bb_qm_ripple_app" Its not shown under BBM codes but while it has "qm" in name I tought It would be core cod that comes with OS and edit the jad with this code then there is "ripple" app in my list but I cannot open that one too.

    In summary ((= I cant find any way to make it work but codes are here If you can do it just post and let us know.

    Edit: After reboot (with instllization with ripple cod) all codes are gone. Self distructed =))

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    I'm really trying to do this now! This is exciting, going home and trying.
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    03-09-11 01:11 PM