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    A friend and I both have blackberries. He has a Tour with Verizon and I have a Bold with ATT. Last week we both setup the same email address that we both monitor on our phones. Note that we did not set this email address as the default backup for BBM. The next day we noticed that our BBM contacts list switched. Every morning when i wake up, all of my contacts will still be on my list but when i try to send some of them a message, it asks me to reinvite them to my list. Before i re add each person, if they try to send me a message, it goes to my friend's phone. The same people say they have 2 of ME on their contacts list until i re add them or they delete and re add me. We both have wiped our phones and did a clean reinstall of BBM with no backup but we still have the problem. Our contacts switch every night because i notice when i wake up in the AM. We both deleted the email address from our phones and the BIS website after the first time we had the problem. Does anybody have any clue what we can do to fix this. We would like to avoid having to get a replacement for our current phones. PLEASE HELP!
    10-22-09 04:11 PM
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    By the way I am the "Friend" that Beezy1986 is referring to in his message above. I have added myself to my own BBM contact list and each morning I wake up my profile gets switched to Beezy1986's profile, same with my status and picture. I also receive invitation from his BBM buddies and some of his BBM buddies automatically get added to my contact list. On a lot of my friends phones I exist but not as myself, I exist as Beezy1986.
    I have been to Verizon and they said they have never heard of anyone having this issue before. I figured I would get a new phone with a new pin but I would like to avoid that at all cause and cost, which is why we are looking for any answers on here from anyone who has experienced this issue or know anything about what is going on.
    10-22-09 05:12 PM
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    so you've both made sure that neither of you have the shared email address registered WHAT-SO-EVER inside of bbm as a backup.. at any time?

    i would try get the contact lists how you want them, remove the shared email from both devices, battery pull, associate a new email address inside of bbm for a backup registered address then re-add the shared email and see what happens. this is an odd situation as most people don't share email addresses, but the way that the contact restoration works on bbm is it sends an email thats invisible to your inbox to the email address, and as long as the blackberry reads the email it will restore the contact list, you could probably witness this happening if you were to monitor it, but it's for sure a product of sharing the email address. while it shouldn't be happening it is. my point here is that, i can see how if only one of you accidentally registered the email as a backup that it would change for both of you, since it uses the email to restore.

    if all else fails you can try to turn off remote backup all together.
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    10-22-09 06:26 PM