1. asdfjkandreax's Avatar
    so i downloaded the new BBM5 at about 8:15 and restarted my berry. pulled up BBM and started a chat. it wouldn't let me send any BBMs so i restarted again. then i got a chat started, i ran the BBM set up and then i encountered BIS issues, i couldn't get any data services. so i reset again. then i opened up my phone and found that all my media on my media card was messed up, even though BBM was fine. reset again with a restore from a file made earlier today. then i opened up BBM and it was BBM5 and i had to enter my display name again, and i had to reload all my contacts. but then when i started a chat, our display names wouldn't come up like they did the first time i used BBM5 and now display names won't come up.

    any ideas or suggestions? please and thanks in advance.
    10-07-09 08:56 PM
  2. ronnie51's Avatar
    Ok when u download did u get where u click on agreement? Then it has a mesg tbat ur contacts are restore that uhave to click ok to register ur emails that there urs then ur contacts r there.

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    10-07-09 09:12 PM