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    On my Storm (9530) i had 140 contacts on my BBM list running on the older BBM version. Once i installed the 5.0 version, it works fine-except i wasn't able to update my status. I mean, i was able to make one on Edit my Profile, but it would not get sent out nor appear on my name on my list or my name on my friends' contacts list. So i played around with it at home, thus coming to realize that when i stripped my list down to 100 people, then i was able to update my status...sent out-appeared on my recent updates-appeared on my friends' contacts list-the whole nine yards. Basically, the limit on my phone for some odd reason is 100. if i add atleast one more person over 100, giving me 101, it brings me right back to the same problem i had when i had my original 140. Does anyone know why is this? or am i the first person to be dumb enough to have 140 on my list, or even have this problem? Please Help.....
    10-26-09 10:47 AM