1. micwag2's Avatar
    I just updated my BlackBerry Messenger to The only person in my contacts who has a BB is my fiancee. I assigned a text alert tone to her contact so i would know when the message is from her. Now with the update it just vibes and if I'm lucky i get a tone when she texts and it's not the tone assigned to her. Also the red star that appears on the folder to tell you there's a message no longer appears on the SMS folder. It now appears on the IM folder. The red star not on the SMS folder i can live with but i want her alert tone to be restored. The only way i can figure this is to delete BBM altogether because i don't really use it any way. Any ideas?
    11-21-09 11:53 AM
  2. amavit's Avatar
    If you want her individual ringtone to play, you will have to get rid of the connection between BBM and her contact information. With the new bbm, it kinda truncates the SMS and automatically uses bbm if you have the contacts linked.
    11-21-09 12:28 PM
  3. micwag2's Avatar
    I just deleted BBM altogether. I wasn't really using it anyway. Just kept it if i decided to use it in the future. It's kinda crappy that they crammed SMS and BBM together and didn't leave it so you could continue to use individual alert tones. That was my main issue with it.
    11-21-09 12:38 PM