1. leica1215's Avatar
    since I installed the messenger 5.0 I found my tour battery drains a bit faster than before, and memory has slight leakage of 3 or 4 MB as well.

    anyone else experience this?
    10-11-09 07:17 AM
  2. dohturdima's Avatar
    I am running a Tour Hybrid (.230/.238) and noticed a slight battery drain decrease. BUT, I also getting a stronger signal with .230 radio, and something in .238 files seems to have strenghtened it even further. I run a lot of apps on the background so memory leaks are expected (also have an Aerize memory cleaner app that seems to help there).
    10-11-09 08:54 AM
  3. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    MeterBerry verified for me that since I installed BBM, 5.0. My battery is definitley draining faster...

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    10-11-09 09:04 AM
  4. RegE's Avatar
    Yeah, I've also been monitoring MeterBerry stats and I've noted increased memory leakage and battery drain. Not Cool! Thinking about downgrading BBM pending an upgrade.
    10-11-09 11:47 AM
  5. Jancy10's Avatar
    BBM 5 has definitly been leaking a bit of memory, haven't really noticed battery on my Bold, going to look out for that!
    10-11-09 11:51 AM
  6. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    The battery leak is definitley there...
    10-12-09 08:21 AM
  7. phone-a-holic's Avatar
    yes it is definitely cause a battery drain
    10-12-09 08:53 AM
  8. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    Hopefully RIM has a fix for this, or I'll have to go back to the old BBM...
    10-12-09 11:42 AM
  9. SaneinOne's Avatar
    There will be further BBM builds that hopefully optimize these issues.
    10-12-09 11:58 AM
  10. VetteyG's Avatar
    I have also noticed a battery drain since installing BBM 5.
    10-12-09 12:09 PM
  11. Morten's Avatar
    A little update ....

    After trying out most 5.x builds for my Bold, together with the latest BBM 5, I have decided to completely REMOVE BBM and use Live Messenger for my contacts instead.

    I get less than 1 day of use if BBM is installed, but I get aprx. 3 days of same use when I have BBM removed.

    So - If u have any battery issues, removing BBM might just save your day.....
    03-17-10 09:53 PM
  12. KingDropout's Avatar
    I noticed the change with memory and battery power when I had my bb curve 8330 and it was terrible when I updated to the offical that it made me downgrade to the leaked version. I like the new features but its sad it comes at the expense of less uptime & mem leaks. I just got this tour so I will see how bbm is running on this.

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    03-18-10 03:43 AM