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    I own a BB tour and recently upgraded to BB messenger 5.0. My wife owns a BB 8830 world. I was able to add her to my contact list without any problems. The problem is with her 8830 world. I do not show up in her contact list. She even tried adding me and it would show pending. When I accepted it still shows she has no contacts in her BB messenger. She has the older version of messenger. We tried to upgrade her phone to 5.0 but it said her operating system did not support the upgrade or something like that. What we woudl like to know is if we are missing a step in getting me added to her contact list. Not sure if I should revert back to the older version so I will show up on her list. Anyway, just a fair warning, we are both BB ilterate to a degree. If you use 25 cent words we will be lost. So please simple solution for us simpletons. Thanks for listening and helping us.
    10-10-09 11:18 PM