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    Discuss how your interactions with BBM 5.0 are. Also post any tips and tricks that you have discovered that could help the Crackberry Nation.
    10-15-09 12:46 PM
  2. c1971ace's Avatar
    Or how bout just taking a look at the 8 million other threads on this topic....

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    10-15-09 01:00 PM
  3. surfboarder's Avatar
    I did a search and didn't find much info on it. Plus why not have all useful information in one thread instead of having to search throughout the forums. Just trying to make it a little easier.
    10-15-09 01:56 PM
  4. womp's Avatar
    I don't like that sending pictures back and forth to contacts is broken.
    10-15-09 02:03 PM
  5. TheSultan's Avatar
    10-15-09 02:09 PM