1. leighh1209's Avatar
    Hey, I tried searching for this, but I can only find an issue with pictures in general and it doesn't seem to be the same issue I'm having. I am using the Tour 9630. When I am in a group and someone sends a picture, it will work at first where I can go into Pictures and see them, however after the phone has been on for a while (since the last battery pull), I will highlight Pictures and hit the trackball and nothing happens. Only way to fix this is to pull the battery. I can view the pictures by going under Group Updates at the bottom of the initial group screen, however if I cannot access the actual Pictures option, I can't send any pictures.

    Any ideas?
    10-18-09 10:25 AM
  2. leighh1209's Avatar
    Any thoughts? This is driving me crazy since the phone takes about 3 minutes to restart after a battery pull, as I'm sure you're all aware.
    10-19-09 12:21 PM
  3. randyist's Avatar
    yeah. it takes all of 3 minutes for me. I hope we get OS 5.0 soon and they fix all these bugs.
    10-20-09 01:01 AM
  4. Absolution's Avatar
    I'm having this exact same problem on my Tour. It's frustrating.
    11-13-09 08:54 PM