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    Running a Pearl 8130/ from Bell Mobility. I installed the newest BBM today. Due to the amount of applications I have on this tiny device, and the little amount of internal memory it has (64 MB before OS installation) I frequently pull the battery after installs & uninstalls (unless the device automatically prompts me to.)

    After installing BBM via BlackBerry App World, I did a battery pull. Upon rebooting, my Pearl had BBM open so I hit Menu > Close. To my surprise my Recent Call list was then opened, so I hit Menu > Close. And for some odd reason my Browser was opened so I hit...you guess it, Menu > Close.

    I uninstalled BBM, then powercycled my device again, then reinstalled via the link from Mobile BlackBerry.com I agreed to the service disclosure first once it finished installed it and made sure all applications including BBM was closed. I turned the handset off and then on, nothing was open. However now anytime I perform a battery pull now upon reboot I have to close BBM, Recent Call list, then Browser in the order everytime.

    Any ideas? Perhaps BBM 5.0 wasn't intended for a Pearl or anything under OS 4.6 or earlier.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
    10-08-09 01:09 PM