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    Hey guys,

    This is my first post. I am a long time reader and use lots of the info I read on my Storm.

    My problem is my friend has a Curve 8330 and I'm trying to upgrade her to the new BBM. Every time I download it to her phone it won't let me accept or decline the user agreement/policies at before you can use it. I've tried downloading directly from RIM, through App World, and even directly from a download link that I found in another thread. I've searched and I cannot find the answer anywhere. Everything else on her phone works great. I can click anywhere else I want and it works. She is running .169 official. I had to downgrade her back to the old BBM because she is constantly using it. Does anyone know how to fix this or have any suggestions for a workaround.

    10-27-09 06:40 PM