1. B777's Avatar
    Do you guys notice that there's no option of image size when sending through BBM? and also once you send it you have to receive it or just preview it?

    Is there anyway to set the image size that i am not aware of?

    Kinda stupid not allowing us to set image size. This is a huge step backwards. It's not like the image is really big in file size.
    08-12-10 01:27 AM
  2. mister_right's Avatar
    Yes there is the option to resize in this new version. Dont know why toy can't see it. Also you can preview a pic when its being sent to you but not when you send one.
    08-12-10 02:34 AM
  3. Cyn74's Avatar
    I don't get the option to resize images either.

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    08-12-10 07:48 AM
  4. Cyn74's Avatar
    Oh! Accept and Preview buttons gone but if you click the Menu button there are options to save image and to request a higher quality picture. Weird.

    there is no option to save the image either like before when you had the option to preview or save
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    08-12-10 08:42 AM
  5. B777's Avatar
    This is bull crap.. Blackberry manages to **** off their customers again! I don't care about saving the bandwidth. It's not like the pictures are in the megabyte range.. It's only about 100kb.

    This is definitely not an improvement. If it's not for the BBM I would've jumped ship, and they are neutering the BBM.

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    08-12-10 09:57 AM
  6. Cyn74's Avatar
    Figured out why some are seeing resize option and some are not. Depends on who you are talking to and what version they have. When chatting with someone with, it doesn't have resize option and has request option I mentioned instead. Also no accept deny preview buttons. But when talking to someone with older versions it still has all the old options.

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    08-12-10 10:36 PM
  7. sohaibsyed's Avatar
    So there is no way to be able to select the picture size? I want to be able to send pictures with larger sizes sometimes.
    01-09-11 03:33 PM