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    Hey everyone.

    I have a curve with OS, haven't upgraded to an official one, but I recently downloaded BBM (the newest one that was on app world). Recently though, its lagging a lot and i can't figure out why, its not the delivery of messages, but rather when i'm typing it doesn't recognize everything because I'm typing too fast? I've never had this problem with bbm before, and couldn't find anything about it here.

    2 questions
    1) does anyone know how to fix this? would it help if i upgraded to os 5 or would that slow my phone down even more?
    2) Anyone know how i can downgrade to for bbm? and where i can get a link for it.

    09-01-10 11:28 AM
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    Answer to Q1:
    Yes, I believe that upgrading to OS will be an excellent step. It won't make your phone slow, in fact it will make it faster. You might want not to install the Apps which you don't use ( Documents to-go, games, google talk, . . . etc. ) for an even better performence.

    Answer to Q2:
    Yes, I know a way . Here you go > http://forums.crackberry.com/f152/th...7-back-513850/
    09-01-10 12:09 PM
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    Okay, maybe I'll try upgrading to OS5.0 first, I am on rogers, and they haven't released an official version on rogers. How would I know which one I should use?

    Thanks for ur help!

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    09-01-10 01:32 PM
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    This is the Best OS so far in my opinion OS for the Curve 8900 by Vodafone UK

    You can upgrade to any OS for the 8900 released by any Carrier as long as you delete the Vendor file

    Recommender Upgrading Procedure
    09-01-10 04:38 PM