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    I belonged to a group with 23 members. I was not an admin. After upgrading my BBM to version certain people in the group could not see my chat responses in the group. I left the group and asked someone (not the admin) to re-invite me. When they did it showed me and that person became the only members in the group. I left the group again when I realized this issue and had the admin re-invite me. When the admin re-invited the group literally took about 12 hours to update but then I couldnt view another members chat posts. He left the group and I re-invited him and once I did I stopped getting updates.

    So my questions are

    1- is anyone else having these issues
    2- anyway to fix this bug without downgrading my bbm

    Thanks for your help

    BB OS version is
    09-14-10 06:55 PM
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    **bump** nobody else having this issue?
    09-15-10 12:50 PM