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    I have the 8830 and I'm trying to download the new bbm 50033. But every single time I download it, it freezes my phone and I have to pull the battery. Does anyone else have this problem? Or can someone help me please
    I already deleted the older version of my bbm and tried reinstalling the new one 4 times and same ending.
    11-17-09 11:42 PM
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    If you are using an older model device like the 8830 you will tend to have trouble. The newer BBM has been quite problematic on the earlier BB devices due to the sheer size of the new BBM, and the processing requirements it needs. It will even give my 8330 a workout sometimes.

    Many of my friends have reloaded their BBM beta backup, or have returned to BBM 4.5 until they upgrade devices. I know a few who have succeded in getting an older Curve to load .33, but it gets quite buggy even then.

    Here's a link to an OTA reload of 4.5 if you need it.


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