1. mattm951's Avatar
    I go to BlackBerry Messenger and it sounds like us 8350i users should be able to download this version of BlackBerry Messenger, but I get this "Module" message saying that it already exists and that it'll be renamed and what not. I just wanted to know if this version is available and if so, is there another way to download it. Thanks.
    11-03-09 06:00 PM
  2. schnellmedic's Avatar

    I just grabbed it from here a minute ago after doing the new OS update.
    11-03-09 06:23 PM
  3. mattm951's Avatar
    Did you do this download OTA with that above link? If so, I've tried that but kept getting that module message and it asks me to override the existing one, did you get those as well?
    11-04-09 10:35 AM
  4. mattm951's Avatar
    Nevermind. I went ahead and rolled the device and chose "Yes" on both the prompts about renaming the current module when you download BBM

    It will come up in the beginning and also towards the end as well. It reads as the same message so I chose "Yes" on both of them. It asked me to "Reboot" so I did and the new BBM looks awesome.
    11-04-09 11:08 AM