1. swalder's Avatar
    Anyone else having problems with BBM today on VZW? I can send but I am not receiving any back...from the Denver area. Thanks!
    06-26-10 02:18 PM
  2. Shermanmanman's Avatar
    Nothing reported north of you so far (Cheyenne, WY). Went into the information center online, and no trouble tickets are posted yet. May be isolated.
    06-28-10 02:53 PM
  3. Pi Guy 3.14's Avatar
    Are you sure they're just not ignoring you or haven't replied back?
    06-28-10 03:23 PM
  4. ddggttff3's Avatar
    VERY sluggish in Twin Cities MN, sent some BBM messages, didn't go out for 3 minutes.
    06-28-10 06:20 PM
  5. boman06210's Avatar
    I'm getting a little too, some don't make it, no D or R. Some take a while. MD verizon

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    07-11-10 08:12 PM
  6. JasonRomero's Avatar
    I've been having BBM problems for the past few days. Messages not being delivered or recieved. I even had a similar issue with SMS for a little while. I'm in the Las Vegas area on Verizon.
    07-12-10 01:40 AM
  7. mikebello9650's Avatar
    Anyone have a solution? This is pissing me off.
    07-12-10 11:16 AM
  8. stoneland's Avatar
    Same issues here (AT&T on the east coast, DC). It seems to be a RIM thing...hope they fix it.
    07-13-10 04:44 PM
  9. msellehcar's Avatar
    Going on for past several days here in Des Moinies, IA. Getting extremely annoying. Guess I'll have to start using Yahoo Messenger!???!!!
    07-24-10 07:26 PM