1. BlackBerryMagnet's Avatar
    I noticed this when customizing the BB Protect feature on my phone. If you have BB Protect open, hit the BB button then choose options. The first item has a checkbox that says "Prevent delete of Blackberry Protect". Presumably, this is a way to prevent someone from going into the application manager and deleting BB Protect. Well, it may be a deterrant but it's not going to prevent it because if someone already has access to the phone's menus, all they have to do is uncheck that box and then delete it. Now, assuming that someone got a hold of a phone before it auto locked, if that check box required a password entry like password on/off or the password keeper does, that would be secure. However, if someone didn't know about that checkbox to change the permission, that would also stop them . . . until someone told them about it. Get it together RIM!
    12-31-12 06:10 PM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    If your phone isn't locked what's the difference? They have access to everything anyway.
    12-31-12 06:15 PM

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