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    I have several gmail addresses sync-ed to my BB but only one (gmail A - the default email address) is set up to have its contacts and calendar entries sync-ed. The problem now is this:

    - I had some calendar entries from gmail A added to my BB calendar. this was fine till I deleted those entries in the gmail A calendar. Now the BB calendar still shows these entries, but assigned them to gmail B, even though I don't have a calendar enabled on gmail B!
    So I went and deleted the service book for gmail B calendar (gmail B CICAL). I thought this would solve the problem. This did stop displaying calendar-gmailB on my BB calendar but the ENTRIES are still there and now assigned to Default calendar!

    - I have contact sync enabled for gmail A but not gmail B. However when I look up contacts in my BB phonebook, they are assigned as gmail B contacts, even though that contact is not part of my gmail B list of contacts.

    So the phone is clearly mixing and matching contacts and calendar entries. I need to know how to stop it from doing this, and how to have it sync properly so that my entries are accurate

    ** Side note: when I deleted the gmail B CICAL service book, the BB calendar also stopped displaying my Facebook calendar (my Facebook is not linked to gmail B). The funny thing is the facebook calendar entries are still there (like friends' birthdays and stuff) but are now displayed as part of the default calendar.
    01-18-12 08:42 PM
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    i have had this same problem for quite some time using the built in blackberry calendar sync. i never tried deleting any service books....just lived with it and deleted the incorrectly synced item on the online calendar when i noticed it. if you find a fix or if anyone knows of one, i wouldblove to hear it. the only other tying i thought of trying, but never did try was to turn off all calendar syncing on my blackberry and download the google calendar sync app to see if that works any better.....though i wish that didnt even have to be an option that needed to be explored.

    01-24-12 09:47 AM