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    Hi all.
    I have recently upgraded to a Bold 9700 (after my Storm died!), & I am really happy with it. I plugged it into my PC on Sunday for the first time since purchase, & a software update was available. I completed this with no problems, but afterwards, I noticed that BB Messenger is now part of the core & cannot be deleted. I deleted it off my old software as I dont use it. Just close it & forget it I thought, however even though I closed the app, the icon was still showing in the running application list when I pressed & held the BB button. Is this right???
    I decided to downgrade my software back to my original as didnt see any advantage on the new version. I am running v platform which I assume was the one installed when I bought the phone. (It was the only listed downgrade on DM).
    Should I just stay with this version?
    Is there any advantage to upgrading to another version?
    If I have to upgrade, is there a way to delete BB Messenger or at least have it in the background so I cant see it on my running app list?
    (I had a lot of probs with upgrades with my Storm so I am treading very carefuuly with my Bold.....If it aint broke, dont try & fix it!!!)
    Any help/advice would be great.

    The Robster
    (Bold 9700 UK Vodafone)
    05-25-10 02:56 AM
  2. jlp916's Avatar
    I'm running the 656 leaked version and it's listed in the Core apps section on mine. I'm not surprised they started including it as part of the core apps with how much they have been marketing BBM.

    Maybe it can be removed with a 3rd party app like BBSAK? Not sure since I've never used it though.

    To answer your other question about upgrading...I usually feel if an OS is working well for you on your phone and you're happy with its performance then no you don't need to upgrade. That's just my opinion though
    05-25-10 07:23 AM