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    Hi All,

    I'm new here but not new to Blackberry. I have been using T-mobile Pearl for the last two and a half years now. I haven't had any issues until I had to replace my original (accidentally washed inside my jeans' back pocket doh!) Pearl with a refurbished unit through the insurance process but that device started having double typing issues (like a llloottt ooofff letttterrrss instead of single letter per word) so then I got another refurbished machine to replace that right before I moved to Asia.

    So now it seems this refurb machine is having a similar issue with this guy's pearl on: forums.crackberry.xxx/f5/messages-call-log-etc-disapeared-349183/. My most pet peeve is with my BB Messenger (v 4.5.0) which started to not wanting to retain conversations that I had for up to 30 days. This issue started when I had upgraded to the OS to the...gee I forgot when it was. Probably back in April of this year. I tried the last update which is v and it is still giving me the same issue if not worst--it is only retaining for a certain unknown period of time (sometimes a few days but last night was only a few minutes). Now, it just added a couple unprovoked reboots and YM acting funny: when I was having a conversation with someone, his new reply after a few seconds inactivity became a new conversation which I would not be able to see unless I close the old conversation even though it was with the same person.

    I checked the event viewer and did not see any bold error messages at all there for I am confused and completely out of options. This issue happens with and without my microSD card. The card was formatted before reinserted into Pearl.

    Please help?
    11-12-09 03:33 AM
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    Download 5.0 it should help.
    11-12-09 04:12 AM
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    You are having file free memory issues from the sounds of it. BBM5 will only add to this, considering it's size. Use CrackMem, the link is inside my guide I'll give you the link to. Then run loader.exe again, and prompt you to have removed from your OS, everything you took out through CrackMem. As long as you keep your file free above 10MB, you shouldn't be loosing anything. Only if you're going crazy with convos and browsing at the same time, will it shutdown your BBM. Even then you'll usually have all of the convo you didn't read there when you bring it back up.

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    11-12-09 07:38 PM
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    ahhh...thank you. My friends are heavy BBM users and my Pearl is screaming "I can't handle it no more!!!" You are right. BBM 5.0 didn't solve the problem it actually made it worst. I tried deleting some of the applications I didn't think I use anymore. That helped for a day but only for a day. I get hourglass every now and then. Seemed more often now that I upgraded to BBM 5.0.

    I don't know if wiping my phone and readding everything slowly would help my phone but that is seems to be the last resort. I'm just waiting for my PC to be build again thanks to RIM who decided that they should only support recent Mac users instead of the ones who still uses OS 10.5.4 and older.

    I'm just about done using factory replacement *ahem* refurbished machines. I think I'll switch to 8520 if I can get it for cheap and turn this Pearl into (just) a phone.

    Btw, I want to add that I checked my Event Viewer and it did not show any bold messages for errors. Which is weird, isn't it? Or is it normal?
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    11-16-09 04:15 AM
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    Phew...I apologize for bringing up an old topic but I believe I have an update for my issues.

    Yes, it was memory issue. The culprit isn't BBM 5.0, however, it was the BBM Groups. As soon as I wiped my phone clean and reinstalled everything (except for the BBM Groups), my phone was as good as new. I can have multiple chats in BBM and it would not disappear. As soon as I readded the groups, I started to have the old symptoms back.

    I guess my suggestion to fellow Pearl users is to skip BBM Groups until you can buy a newer device.

    Warm Regards,

    05-24-10 02:57 PM