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    Bold 9700
    I have Blackberry Unlimited Web on my phone

    The Blackberry Maps icon is missing, and was never on my phone. I just noticed that today. I did check the forum, and even did a google search to try and figure out the problem. This time, none of the suggested solutions worked. It shows up in my application list in the Options tab, but that's it. I do remember seeing it in the Application list, that's what reminded me to download Google Maps, just never noticed the actual icon itself was missing. Below is a list of what I have tried.

    • "Show All" settings on for the application, checked Downloads, Applications, pretty much every folder thoroughly.
    • Originally I thought I just didn't have it, so I went to blackberry.com, and downloaded it there, it was sent to my e-mail, and I downloaded it to my phone. Still a no show.
    • Battery pull twice, once for the heck of it, second time was after I "installed" BB Maps.
    • Deleted the application, then reinstalled it. The application didn't show up again in the Options tab, even after I downloaded it and installed it numerous times.
    • Went into BB Desktop Manager, and installed it through my computer, it showed up in Options, but that's it.
    • Changed the theme to a BB one, not the default BB T-Mobile one.
    • I even registered the device by going to Options>Advanced Options>Host Routing Table. One forum suggested that.

    That's all i remember for now.

    Google Maps works fine, idk if it's the plan I have, but the icon should still be there even if I didn't have the plan, just wouldn't work, right? I left my phone on the BB theme, and none of the applications are hidden. I spent a good hour today working with it, and I haven't gotten anywhere.
    09-16-10 02:00 PM
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    I have the EXACT same problem as of today, Nov.3 2010. And I have not been able to find any help either.
    11-03-10 10:26 AM