07-07-10 11:19 PM
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  1. bitchxko's Avatar
    first select and copy it.

    Then go to options.

    Go to Autotext

    create new

    set it to replace the word "bblogo"

    then copy the logo into appropriate substitute window.

    After that just use the word "bblogo" in your Contact Info and it will show up.
    i selected it and did copy but when i paste it and then i tried just going to a memopad and pasting it apparently it wont copy why does this happen i have a bb bold?..
    08-28-09 08:49 AM
  2. chernicholson's Avatar
    thanks adambiggie! its cool!
    08-31-09 11:04 AM
  3. alikat979's Avatar
    brilliant, thanks
    09-01-09 08:22 PM
  4. NOKJAA's Avatar
    Does anyone know how to had the LinkedIn icon / logo to BBerry's Signature....I would really appreciate it...Especially when applying for jobs...

    And the BB Messenger copy & Paste works like a charm.

    Thanks alot!!!


    09-23-09 11:50 AM
  5. NOKJAA's Avatar
    I don't know if this was mentioned already, I did try searching the thread, but I learned an awesome trick for pasting something into a field that pasting normally is not an option for (i.e. the Name field in BBM):

    Copy what you would like to paste, then go to the field you would like to paste in, and push Left CAPS -> Click Trackball. This is basically CTRL-V for the BlackBerry. Works in any field, any program! Much easier than the AutoText and such.

    Hope this helps!
    Excellent TIP!!!


    09-23-09 11:53 AM
  6. SoCalFlasher's Avatar
    worked for me, thanks for the info
    10-11-09 01:45 PM
  7. SJRod55's Avatar
    Yo busco para contactos interestante con Blackberry toto mundo - Esp y Ingles Expat en Lima, Peru. Looking for new + interesting Blackberry Contacts around the world - Eng/Esp Expat from Lima, Peru BBB BBM PIN 256CC957
    10-11-09 03:53 PM
  8. VetteyG's Avatar
    That is cool thanks for the info.

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    10-11-09 05:58 PM
  9. slgrantjj's Avatar
    Thanks works great on the curve :-)
    11-25-09 03:33 PM
  10. nololos's Avatar
    I still have no "Paste" Only "Insert macro" Or "Show Symbols."
    What am I doing wrong?
    01-25-10 12:55 PM
  11. queenbblackberry's Avatar
    Hi all, I just found the forum on hidden ? emoticons. Can someone help me find the other emoticons like the pig, the cheeseburger, ect... Thanks!

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    02-27-10 07:19 PM
  12. bears02's Avatar
    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    03-01-10 08:41 PM
  13. parks_bb's Avatar
    i emailed it to my curve and it showed up as a question mark, any suggestions?
    07-07-10 11:19 PM
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