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    Helping a friend here, he has a BB 9810 OS 6 using BBM v6 (old one hasn't been updated to v7 or v8) and it is using his main BB ID account. He recently installed BBM in his Android Samsung S3 and used the same BB ID as the one installed in his BB 9810, it created a PIN and both was working fine. It's not supposed to, but it was working. He was just testing the BBM in android so it's replacable.

    I helped him out and upgraded his BBM in his BB 9810 to v8 and when BBM started it said his main BB ID account is associated to another device, it gave two options, which is to Switch Device and Cancel. Of course I said cancel as my understanding is that the "another device" is the Samsung device, which is replacable, and his main BB ID account in the BB 9810 is the one we wanted to keep.

    The steps I tried and didn't work: I tried changing the BB ID in the 9810 to another email (using Options -> Third Party -> Blackberry ID and then changing the username there with another email (new to BB ID), click menu button and "save", put in a new password), and then saved. I had to restart the BB so it recognize the new BB ID, so ran BBM again and it still says his new BB ID account (the one with the new email) is associated to another device. So it might have updated the BB ID in the android and associated to the new email. I decided change back to the old BB ID by going through the same steps above but changing the username back to the original BB ID.

    The next step I'm planning is to disassociate his main BB ID from the BBM in Android so hopefully it doesn't show the "associated to another device" error when running BBM in his BB 9810. So after reading through the web, I got this step: reset the data of BBM in android by choosing in Android : Settings -> Apps -> BBM -> Clear Data. That should clear his BBM data (hopefully the BB ID too) from the Android.

    My big question is that is that enough to disassociate his main BB ID from the BBM in Android. Do I need to have additional steps to make this happen, like have to sign out of BBM in Android or other steps. Many thanks for the help.
    01-11-14 10:46 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Switch device is the route you should have taken. As you said, the s3 BBM is not important.
    01-11-14 11:50 PM
  3. koolaje's Avatar
    Switch device is the route you should have taken. As you said, the s3 BBM is not important.
    Correct me if i'm wrong, but if I chose the Switch Device as I was running the upgraded BBM v8 in 9810 for the first time, wouldn't it take the BBM contacts from the S3 and overwrite what I had in the 9810? Of course the BBM in S3 is newer as v6 was installed in 9810 before, so I assumed the BBM connected to the BB ID is the one in the S3.

    Anyhow I deleted the BBM in S3 and I was able to run BBM in 9810 without the error. Hopefully it'll help other people in the future.
    01-12-14 01:52 AM

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